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Design Consultation

$249.00 USD

This is our comprehensive onsite meeting with you and all parties involved in the project.

The goal of the meeting is to have a good direction on how your project can develop and have most of your questions answered.

Prior our meeting:

At LK Design, we strive to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients. For us and you to be ready for a productive and efficient meeting, here are couple of suggestions.

Please create a list of questions you have about interior design challenges you have.

If you had an opportunity to save inspiration images or pin them on the Internet, you may want to share them with us prior to the appointment.

When we meet:

First, to get a better idea of your household, we will do a brief home tour. I would like to get a sense of your decorating style, as well as use of spaces.

We then will focus on area you would like to work on. It is like a brainstorming session when all ideas are openly shared and discussed. We can provide guidance during our meeting on:

  •   Identifying your new or updated design style

  •   Space planning

  •   Furnishings types and sizes

  •   General direction on colors, patterns and textures combinations

  •   Window treatments ideas based on space architecture and function desired

  •   Art placement and sizing

  •   Paint color selection and coordination with fixed elements (floors, cabinets, etc.)

Once all ideas are gathered together, you will have a good idea where your project should be moving going forward.

We also will briefly review services offered by LK Design. Since we tailor our services to customer needs, there are couple of way we can keep working on your project together.

Frequently asked questions

Who should be present at the appointment? All parties who make creative and financial decisions. At times, one of the spouse’s is more engaged during the creative discussion and the other is called at the end to review the summary of the meeting.

Will we talk about the budget? Yes, we sure will. Once we have a good idea which direction your project will be developing, we will discuss your investment range for the desired finished space. With experience of multiple projects, we can give you guidance on the cost and timelines for your particular project.

What if we don't know our budget? No worries. Working with decorating projects for 12+ years, we can give you a solid idea of your project costs.

Will there be any deliverables at the end of the meeting? Yes, we send out a brief summary of our suggestions within 24-48 hours of our appointment. In some cases, we will also provide you with a project budget proposal.

We are excited to meet you soon and start building relationship with you and your family!

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